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Iyal Stores located at Sultanpet near Sulur in Coimbatore is a Cold Pressed Oil Store and Supplier offering a variety of Naturally Processed Woodpressed Edible Oils. We serve household, business, office and institutional customers and also undertake bulk orders for parties, events, bulk buying from apartments. We accept direct, phone and online orders for all quantities.

We believe and promote – “Good Food, Good Health.”

We offer our Cold Pressed Oils at the best price possible and we use raw materials sourced from quality and handpicked authenticated suppliers after an intense selection process.

Our Products Range: 

  • Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
  • Cold Pressed Castor Oil/Aamanakku Ennai
  • Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil/Mara Chekku Kadalai Ennai
  • Cold Pressed Gingelly Oil (or) Mara Chekku Nalla Enna

Our Specialties:

Even though we just completed a decade of solid presence in the wood cold-pressed oil industry in the ‘Manchester of South India’ Coimbatore, we have had humble beginnings. It all started late in the 2000’s that we began searching for a healthy alternative for the various types of cooking oils that are refined using harmful chemicals and became a household name. It was alarming! Our objectives and intentions ‘were and are’ very clear and as a matter of fact, we took up a challenging mission of driving people towards a healthy and traditional food choice.

As a result of months and months of explorations, studies, and analysis, Iyal was born out of an urging purpose during the year 2009. Though we realized that to bring back people to traditional food choices is difficult, we still believed in our mission. We went ahead and manufactured traditional wood cold-pressed oils or traditionally called as mara chekku ennai in Tamil Nadu. Substantially supported by the people who are more health-conscious and who understand traditional food is the way forward, we achieved excellence through quality. Our natural and pure mara chekku oils made a visible (healthy) difference among people.

About Us

Established in 2009, we enjoy continued patronage from customers because of our attention, care and commitment to each of our customers and their specific expectations. We always try to ensure that all of our customers’ needs are fulfilled and all of them are fully satisfied. We take additional efforts to undertake and execute even special needs of our customers in order that they are delighted with our service.

Moreover, we give top priority to cleanliness, health and safety of our customers and staff at all circumstances, and we do all our best to provide great value for money through all our products and offerings.

Check out our Offers, Coupon and Discounts continuously to avail the best deals.

Visit our Social Media Profiles and read our Blog Posts and Press Releases for updates and news and immensely gain through market exposure, product education, product use cases, better value propositions and new product availability.

For Orders/Door Delivery, Call: 8073143249.




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