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Ammi Samayal

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Ammi Samayal located at Keeranatham, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu is a leading producer, manufacturer and supplier of chemical-free, nutritional food items and traditional edibles which are a healthy diet, delicious traditional food and natural, unprocessed, vitamin-rich food.

Our range of products include:

Natural Sugars: Coconut Tree Sugar, Palm Tree Sugar and Sugarcane Sugar with items such as Natural sweeteners Ammi Samayal Coconut Sugar Granules, Ammi Samayal Palm Sugar (பனஞ்சர்க்கரை), Samayal Palm Sugar Crystals (Panangkarkandu/பனங்கற்கண்டு), Ammi Samayal Palm Sugar Powder (பனஞ்சர்க்கரை), Palm Jaggery (பனை வெல்லம்), Karupatti (கருப்பட்டி). Ammi Samayal Country Sugar (Organically Processed Pure Country Sugar / Naatu Sakkarai), Ammi Samayal Natural Country Sugar, Ammi Samayal Natural CUBE Jaggery (அச்சு வெல்லம்), Ammi Samayal Natural Jaggery, 1 kg (இயற்கை வெல்லம்).

Woodpressed / Cold pressed Edible Oils / Marachekku Oils: Castor Oil, Coconut Woodpressed Oil, Groundnut / Peanut Woodpressed Oil and Sesame / Gingelly Woodpressed Oil.

Masala Powders / Mixes: Herbal Rasam Items, Rice Mix & Podi Items, Sambar & Kulambhu Powders with items such as Ammi Samayal Ballon Vine Leaves Instant(Mudakathan) Rasam/Soup Mix, Ammi Samayal Brahmi (Vallarai) Instant Rasam/Soup Mix, Ammi samayal Homemade Rasam Powder, Ammi samayal Homemade Rasam Powder, Ammi Samayal Horsegram (Kollu) Rasam Powder, Ammi Samayal Neem Flower (Veppampoo) Instant Rasam/Soup Mix, Ammi Samayal Thirikadugam Rasam/Soup Mix, Ammi Samayal Thuthuvalai Instant Rasam/Soup Mix, Ikkiyam Andhra Pappu Podi Rice Mix, Ittarikka Podi (Idly Podi), Ittarikka Podi (Idly Podi), Ammi Samayal Greens Sambar Powder, Ammi samayal Homemade Sambar Powder, Ammi samayal Homemade Sambar Powder, Ammi Samayal Vatha Kulambu Mix, Ammi Samayal Vatha Kulambu Mix.

Organic Grocery Items: Ammi Samayal Curd Dip Sun Dried spicy Chilly (Mor Milagai), Ammi Samayal Organic Ponni Rice (Semi-Boiled), Ammi Samayal Organic Ponni rice (Semi-Boiled), Ammi Samayal Small Onion (Shallot) Vathal / Vadagam, Ammi Samayal Sun Dried Black Nightshade (Manathakkali Vathal), Ammi Samayal Sun Dried Turkey Berry (Sundakkai Vathal), Athur Kichili Samba Organic Hand Pound Rice (Semi-boiled), Athur Kichili Samba Organic Hand Pound Rice (Semi-boiled), Country Moong Dhal Unpolished (Native Variety), Jeeraga Samba (South Indian Biriyani Rice) Organic Rice, Jeeraga Samba (South Indian Biriyani Rice) Organic Rice, Natural Country Sugar, Traditional Unpolished Red rice (Kullakkar/குள்ளக்கார் அரிசி), Unpolished Brown Rice (Bridegroom Rice/மாப்பிள்ளை சம்பா அரிசி), Unpolished Sand Ground Thoor Dal (Lentil / Thuvaram Paruppu).

Ready-to-cook Instant Food Mixes: Instant Ready-to-cook with Hot Water, Millet Flakes (Poha) for Breakfast, Millet Noodles with Home Made Masala, Millet Ready-to-cook Mix Products and Millet Vermicelli / Semia / Sevai with items such as Ikkiyam Jowar (Sorghum) Flakes Masala Upma / Porridge / Soup Mix (Instant Breakfast) – Gltten Free, Ikkiyam Lemon Vermicelli / Semia / Sevai (Add Hot Water & Ready-to-eat), Ikkiyam Masala Upma / Kichadi (Add Hot Water & Ready-to-eat), Ammi Samayal Bajra Flakes (Pearl millet, Kambu), Ammi Samayal Finger Millet / Ragi / Kezhvaragu Flakes (POHA) Breakfast Cereal, Ammi Samayal Jowar Flakes (Sorghum, Cholam), Ammi Samayal Pearl Millet / Bajra / Kambhu Flakes (POHA) Breakfast Cereal, Ammi Samayal Ragi Flakes (Finger Millet, Kezhvaragu), Ammi Samayal Sorghum / White Jowar / Cholam Flakes (POHA) Breakfast cereal, Ammi Samayal Wheat Flakes, Ikkiyam Bajra Flakes, Ikkiyam Jowar Flakes, Ikkiyam Ragi Flakes, ikkiyam Wheat Flakes / POHA (Cereal Millet Flakes) Breakfast Flakes, Ikkiyam Wheat Flake, Ammi Samayal Country Coriander Seeds (Nattu Malli / Dhaniya) Cooking Purpose (Native Variety), Whole Raw Millet – Ragi Grain, Ammi Samayal Neem Flower Instant Rasam/Soup Mix (Veppampoo), Ammi Samayal Wheat Vermicelli (Sevai / Semia), Ikkiyam Combo Of Ragi Vermicelli (Semia), Bajra Vermicelli (Semia), Wheat Vermicelli (Semia), Ikkiyam Finger Millet / Ragi / Kezhvaragu Noodles (with Homemade Masala), Ikkiyam Multigrain Noodles (with Homemade Masala), Ikkiyam Pearl Millet / Bajra / Kambhu Noodles (with Homemade Masala),


For Orders/Door Delivery, Call: 9486684340, 9047444957, 7639415165


Ammi Samayal Curd Dip Sun Dried spicy Chilly (Mor Milagai)



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