Promoting your website in Coimbatore local market


‘Having a website but no visitors to the website’


You may be having a stunning website and could have spent a dozen of thousands on it and still wondering what to do with it. DON’T WORRY. There are many on the same boat. They are not in 100’s but in 1000’s. I am talking about Coimbatore alone.


You could have spoken to your web designer. He could have told you SEO, SMM, blah blah blah.


Don’t fault them. It is in fact true that Search Engine Marketing (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are very essential for online marketing successes especially Google top rankings.


But we have a back-end tool which is technically a business directory but produces excellent Google rankings for all our customers. Our process of promotion is not promoting individual websites and businesses but rather we promote broad categories with 1000’s of keywords along with the region (here, Coimbatore because is a Coimbatore Search Engine). Here’s shown below a Google keyword report for modular kitchen category to give you an idea what we can do for you.


In, every customer will have a profile page where his company details are published such as product categories, product images, company & product descriptions, contact details, email and website. The website address will have a URL link which is connected to the customer website.


Simply put,

  1. Customer’s profile is created in
  2. Customer’s business keywords are promoted through Google.
  3. When visitors type searching customer keywords in Google, is seen in the top positions in Google (as shown in the keyword report).
  4. When visitors click from Google results, they land in the product category page or directly land in customer page.
  5. After seeing the customer product details, the visitor will be promted to visit the customer website mentioned in the contact details.
  6. So, your prospective buyers called visitors come to your website via
  7. The number of visitors to your profile page in is shown as a graph in your control panel for which login details will be given to you upon registration. has two listing options: (a) PAY FOR VIEWS ONLY


Whichever is your convenience and choice, you can opt for.

Welcome to


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