ONLINE MARKETING: Local branding & is a Coimbatore Search Engine offering Business listings in multiple categories and banner ads to Coimbatore based SME’s and entrepreneurs. The concept of online marketing is commoditized by by its simple solutions and packages.

Infogyde offers a page for its customers to market their products and services in a very simple format in a very least price so that beginners to internet marketing could enjoy the online presence and capitalize on its huge marketing potential.

Customers who are afraid of ‘murky’ side of internet marketing and cautious about their online ad spending get a reprieve by knowing little by little about online advertising. Most customers in the Coimbatore SME segment aver that their market is very much local and want a very strong branding in Coimbatore local market only. being a very much local directory only catering to the Coimbatore market rightly fits the bill. It offers a lens view of the Coimbatore market where its national counterpart (also from the same group company EMART EVENTURES) offers a bird view.’s features & advantages include: Video, Unlimited keywords, Google map location, Social networking, Image gallery, Multiple categories, Description, Viewer statistics, Direct leads to email, Profile print out option, Profile forwarding, etc.,


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