Local audience targeting thro’ Infogyde.com


Customers know what they want

Customers of products or services mostly know how to search for their requirements. Initially, they start with broad phrase keywords like ‘modular kitchen’, ‘office furniture’, etc., to just see who are the top companies or sellers in the market; then they type quite narrowed keyword phrases like ‘modular kitchen manufacturers’ to exactly who are the manufacturers and check the suppliers’ profiles before moving on with much more targeted keywords and proceed with the next level of decision making process.


Customers know where to buy from

Most of the customers prefer to buy products from local suppliers or shops because of the shopping convenience, after-sales support and predominantly, believability factors.


Targeting local audience in Coimbatore

Businesses who want to serve the local market in Coimbatore which includes Coimbatore city, all the suburbs and the whole of Coimbatore district may well have their profile and brand listed in promising local directories like www.infogyde.com for easy catch in Google and also for budget reasons.


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