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 ReGET is a retail solution that aims to increase sales of retail outlets multifold within very short span of time.

 ReGET is a shopping loyalty programme that aims to retain existing customers and attract numerous new customers.

 For consumers ReGET means zero expenditure as this incentive system repays their entire shopping expenses. Hence the name ReGET.

 ReGET may be called a Joint Marketing programme because ReGET ties together numerous shops and customers into a single common incentive pool.

Working model:

 In ReGET system, retail stores have to register themselves as ReGET network outlets.

 Retail outlets buy ReGET gift coupons available at multiple denominations and give to their customers as promotional gifts.

 These ReGET gift coupons carry gift points that get register in our proprietary ReGET software.

 The software distributes incentives to customers on seniority basis so that all customers redeem their money in a systematic manner.

 Since the customers’ shopping expenses become zero, ReGET is a Zero-Expenditure Plan.


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