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OTR Organic Farm Products

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OTR Organic Farm Products is an Organic Store located at Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore. We offer products that are grown and produced through Organic Farming that ensure the natural goodness such as vitamins, minerals, nutrients and taste. The non-use of chemical-based pesticides and fertilizers besides providing priceless health benefits to the consumers but also protects the farmer community from the ill effects of the same and helps sustain our ecosystem.

At our outlets at Saibaba Colony and Vadavalli, we sell farm products grown at our own OTR Organic Farm (TNOCD Certification: TNO(F) 111) located at Thondamuthur, 15km from the  Coimbatore city and sourced from associate organic farmers in and around Coimbatore and Certified organic products suppliers from across India .

Our Products Range includes:

Perishables: Organic Fruits, Vegetables, Greens & Mushrooms.

Organic Dairy Products: Desi milk, curd, butter,ghee & panneer.

Organic & Naturally Processed Essential Oils: Cold pressed oils using wooden rotary mill & virgin coconut oils.

Organic Grocery Items: Grains, pulses, cereals, millets, millet cookie and noodles, pastas, honey, tea, coffee, jaggeries, sugar, palm sugar, coconut sugar, spices, spice powders, flours, Apple cider vinegars(ACV), coconut vinegar, pomegranate vinegar and turmeric vinegar.

Tradional & Organic Food Products & Eatables/Snacks: Bottled juices, pickles, dried vegetables, fresh wheat grass, wheat grass powder, herbal products, amla products, heart block buster(made from ginger,garlic,lemon,Apple cider vinegar, honey), nuts, jams, free range eggs and vegetable cutlets.

Organic Personal & Home Care Products: Toiletries

Miscelleneous Products & Items: Books, t-shirts, clay pots, clay fridge, seeds, grow bags and terrace gardening items.

For Orders/Door Delivery, Call: 0422 2453550



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