Amelia Organic Products

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  • Amelia Organic Products is an leading Trade mark company Located at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu since 2010.  Providing FSSAI certified pure organic products.
  • Whole sale Dealer for Fresh Soursop products, Avacoda fruit, Durian fruit, Dandelion product,Figs and etc., in Tamilnadu and also retailing all over world.
  • We know what patient need text and we will give perfect guidance to cure from diseases.
  • Our Soursop farm located inside and outside of Tamilnadu.
  • We have 300+ matured soursop trees. All are more than 100 years older trees.
  • Matured trees are our secret behind successfully curing cancer.
  • We won’t use any chemical solutions to prevent from Fire Ant.
  • We saw lot of smiling faces (patients) in our journey.
  • Their is chance to Get relief from CANCER from 15 days on wards.
  • Many Doctor’s also our regular customers who are know about the real face of Allopathy treatment.